Hi, I'm Frédéric

I am here so that
You too can live a life
of Spirit, Power

& Creativity

I believe you’ve landed here for a reason.
Let me share a bit about myself,
a simple guy with a quirky story.

My Story

This website is not just about my story – it’s about yours, too

I’m here, and I get you. I hear you. I am you.

I bet you may identify with a few of the reasons that led me to this website as an offering. And perhaps, feel encouraged that it really is possible to deeply transform your life in search of the ever important MORE we all strive for. I’ve done it, YOU can do it too. You just need the right tools, encouragements and companions on the way.

My Story

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My Values & Beliefs


If I’m not uncomfortable I’m probably not evolving. I strive to live a life of growth and development with love and compassion for others & others. I try to actively push myself & and help others push into those uncomfortable edges, to shift perspective & to befriend those edges on the path of deeper and higher evolution.

Deep listening

Authentic evolutionary engagement is the practice of deep listening. When someone speaks, I strive to listen and respond only to those chords that bring the greatest presence of spirit and power.

risk taking

Nothing takes us to the edge of evolution faster than taking big risks. It means that speaking from intuition and vulnerability can be our biggest achievement.


I wouldn’t offer anything of value to others through programs & journeys without the many gifts from the elders & guardians of the ageless traditions and ancient wisdoms of this world. I feel deeply indebted and grateful our paths have brought us to share some of the ideas and practices of these custodians of our favourite planet. I honour the instructions, guidance and rights of passage I have received to enrich other peoples’ lives. We bear with humility the responsibility we hold in the sharing of certain indigenous, earth-centered practices and wisdom teachings that are inherent in all traditional cultures. Through our personal commitment to growth and transformation we discovered many of these practices offer similarities, with a deep focus on our connection with earth, nature, those we encounter on the path and with the Spirit that lives in all and everything.
With Love and Gratitude.

My Approach

Years of study and practice on the path of facilitation, clinical & therapeutic work have led me to believe we can heal anything.

Featured Publications

Wellness Book Series

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  • Part 2 – Phasellus malesuada nibh
  • Part 3 – Feugiat ipsum facilisis finibus ornare.

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My name is Frédéric, let's chat below on WhatsApp or send me an email to f@fredcherri.com

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