Huachuma Circles Intensives

4 or 6-Day Shamanic Huachuma Intensives, the Visionary Master Plant of the Peruvian Highlands. Cancun, Mexico, with Frédéric Cherri & Sharon Van Bramer

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Working with ancestral Medicine, it’s pitfalls, and the way to it’s outstanding outcomes

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All-inclusive 4 or 6-day Huachuma Intensives

2 or 3 Huachuma medicine ceremonies over a 4 or 6-day retreat, one Temazcal ceremony, Rapé or ancestral tobacco snuff available, a series of shamanic interactive practices for preparation and integration, all meals, accommodation, airport pickup and drop-off. Led by an international shamanic facilitator, Frédéric Cherri, assisted by medicine retreat organiser Sharon Van Bramer.

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Current Dates

4-Day Retreats

5-8 November 2020
3-6 December 2020

6-Day Retreats

5-10 November 2020
3-8 December 2020

For each intensive we only have 20 spaces available — BOOK NOW!


Why Ancestral Plant Medicine; Why Us


Deep friendship, a passion for Ancestral Medicine and a strong desire to make a difference led us, Bluestone and SpiritRivers to form an alliance. We advocate that personal transformation is the only way to greater consciousness and a better world, and that Ancestral Medicine is one of the most effective tools for bringing about that change, especially when combined with personal responsibility and a deep sense  of connection to nature and community.

We are in a unique position to offer you a way to deeply rewarding work with master plant medicine as we are westerners who share with you a culture, a language and a mindset. Decades of personal work with plant medicine have also rendered us initiates of a kind—shamanic practitioners, intuitives & facilitators—and allowed us to craft a way for the western mind to navigate and dialogue with the wonders and healing energies of Ancestral Medicine.

Most of us live in the world of the senses: we believe that only things we can see, touch and hear are ‘real’. Westerners don’t easily accept the world of Spirit as ‘real’ and we generally are resistant to it. We know all this because we’ve been there, yet there is a way; an elegant, gentle way to walk the world of the intangible with plant medicine. This is what we offer you: an approach that will grant you entrée into the world of Spirit of which you are an intimate part. 

Indeed, Spirit is your essence and your origin. Come explore the world of infinite possibilities and profound permanent healing. Once you’ve worked with Master Plant medicine you will never look at yourself and the world the same again.

Our focus

Ancestral Medicine

Ancestral medicine, also called plant medicine or teacher plant medicine, is the path of profound healing through the heart. It is the work of the heart not the mind, so ‘feeling the call’ to work with a master plant is a feeling that defies words and reason. It is a call from the depth of Spirit. For those of us crossing paths with this wonder in any way— meeting someone who has taken it, watching a documentary, reading an article—it’s because our spirits are prodding us toward a tool that right now, at this moment in our lives can work for us. That is what we personally believe.

This is a one-of-a-kind journey that will turn your life around: an extraordinary retreat with the ancestral medicine


Huachuma led by a deeply experienced facilitator adept in South American shamanism who shares medicine around the world using a range of earth-based medicines and skilled processes to prepare you to take maximum advantage of the journey, and who send you home prepared to translate what you’ve learned into permanent change. Being able to integrate the healing is everything and Frédéric Cherri is a master of personalised integration techniques.

Our retreats are set in the Yucatan jungle in Mexico; far from the madding crowd, steeped in birdsong, wind and sun.

If you feel the call, act. If you wish to heal and live through the heart, take the step. Change is inevitable, personal transformation is a choice

Downoad your FREE roadmap to Huachuma Medicine

Working with ancestral Medicine, it's pitfalls, and the glorious ways forward


Huachuma Medicine
A rare opportunity for profound changes

Participants report deep and permanent change in all aspects of their lives:


Relief from depression, asthma, anxiety, sleeping disorders, fibromyalgia, addictions, heart disorders, diabetes, mental impairments and much more.


Improvements in mental functioning ,ability to focus; increased drive, inspiration, intuition, creativity, joy and general lightening of spirit and self.

Trauma Resolution

Resolution of dissociative states resulting from individual or trans-generational trauma, shock, fear & loss of the sense of safety.


Improved confidence and trust, relationship healing, greater communication, healing of family issues, latent skills improvements, the return of self-love and self-worth.

Emotional blocks

Healing grief from loss or broken relationships, heart opening, capacity to love, re-connection to self and nature.


Clarity of life’s vision and purpose, ease of action, greater achievement and performance, much higher rate of synchronicities.


The Retreat: Day-by-Day

The energy of every retreat is unique and changes are made in accordance with how the energy is moving. The retreat offer two ceremonies spread over four (4) days or three ceremonies over six (6) days, the final day is for departures.

Any questions, please contact us!


3:00pm: Arrivals & room assignment
4:00pm: Opening Ceremony & Preparation
6:00pm: Opening Dinner


From 7:00am: Teas & fruit waters
9:00am-4:00pm: Huachuma Ceremony & snacks at closure
6:00pm: Dinner


From 7:00am: Teas, juices
8:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: Integration
1:00pm: Light lunch 
3:00pm-7:00pm: Rest
8:00pm-4:00am: Huachuma Ceremony & snacks at closure


From 7:00am: Teas, juices
9:00am: Breakfast
10:00am – 12:00pm: Temazcal
1:00pm: Lunch
2:00 – 4:00pm: Integration
5:00pm – Departures


From 7:00am: Teas & fruit waters
9:00am-4:00pm: Huachuma Ceremony with snacks at closure
6:00pm: Dinner


From 7:00am: Teas & fruit waters
8:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: Integration session
1:00pm: Lunch
3:00pm: Departures

The how

3 Steps

Preparation and integration frame the experience and with good reasons.


Working with ancestral medicine immerses you in a space both natural and sacred wherein you discover the essence of everything. However, to successfully navigate this space preparation is the key that allows you to access the remarkable characteristics of this medicine with complete confidence, even wonder and joy.


An ancestral medicine ceremony is a powerful heart-opening journey
for seekers ready to explore their capacity to live a fulfilled life. The fundamental aspects of this event are the ceremony and the rituals that empower it and give it shape. The ceremony is organised around the South American Medicine Wheel and the seven directions of the shamanic cosmovision.


Integrating this experience means making it “real” and successfully a part of your everyday life as you move on. Sharing and witnessing within a group are fundamental to making sense of the messages, visions and revelations that the ceremony has offered. Facilitators, through their presence and enhanced perception, offer the guidance necessary for a deep understanding of the experience.


If you have anyquestions, or just want to have a chat. Let’s talk!

The why

Discovery & Sharing

An ancestral ceremony retreat brings people seeking healing together from across the globe, creating a sense of community wherein we find our uniqueness and common bond as humans … together we’ll share and discover…

The healing of old traumas
Altered states of consciousness
Unadulterated nature
Extraordinary people
Delicious nutritious meals
Spiritual awakening
Shamanic fire circles
Ancestral music
A digital disconnect
Letting go of limiting beliefs

The true meaning of our humanity
Shamanic perception
A connection to everything and everyone
An appreciation of nature on a cellular level
Talking to the stars, really
The writing of a therapeutic journal
Drum journeys
Sharing in sacred circles
Conversations from the depths
Many bear hugs and lots of other pleasant surprises…

All Inclusive

What’s Included

Huachuma Intensives include a selection of shamanic processes and topics for discussion from among those listed below. Choices for a given group are dictated by the energies, needs and nature of the individuals in the group.
  • Two or three Huachuma ceremonies, one or two daytime, one night time
  • One temazcal (sweat lodge therapy)
  • Preparation prior ceremony so participant may take full advantage of the medicine
  • Integration sessions following ceremonies
  • Tools/practices to help you to continue integrating your experience on your own, at home
  • Accommodation for either three (3) or four (4) nights
  • All meals, all beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Unlimited purified bottled water
  • All accoutrements for all ceremonies
  • Shuttle Airport pickup & drop off.**
  • Understanding energy medicine
  • Shamanic breath work
  • Ancestral lineage clearing
  • Totem animal work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Creating sacred space
  • Accessing energetic intuition
  • Energetic awareness in ceremony
  • Understanding the importance of psychic protection
  • Drum journeywork
  • Medicine Wheel teachings
  • Creating earth mandalas
  • Yoga movement… and more
**One group transport is offered in mini-bus for all arrivals, check with us for time and departure point, & returning to the airport based on most departure times. Make sure your flight lands PRIOR to 2PM on the first day, allowing time for customs processing. If your are unable to meet the shuttle we will arrange transportation for you to the centre at an approximate cost of $20USD.

Of Former Participants




recommend someone


find profound & durable changes


Pricing & Booking

All inclusive: plant ceremonies, accommodation, all activities, meals, airport pickup & drop-off

Email us in French, English or Spanish



Double occupancy with ensuite bathroom and A/C, swimming pool, 20 mins from Cancun international airport.

Our Venue

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Your guide on this journey

Frédéric Cherri

A global leader in the field of transformation and empowerment

Frédéric travels the world offering his own personal work as well as retreats for laymen and practitioners alike. He brings a combined 25 years’ experience to the work and a spectrum of shamanic skills and processes to prepare his participants for the journey as well as integrate and take home the benefits of plants medicine. 

Frédéric is a multi-skilled visionary, shamanic and medical intuitive as well as energy therapist with a long standing clinical background in Craniosacral Therapy and shamanism.

Born in Africa, raised in the South of France, Frédéric now calls the-whole-world his home. His transition from a successful corporate career, led him to build and run a thriving Natural Health Centre in New Zealand for over 20 years.
Frédéric is also a sought after international speaker on the topics of health, shamanism and natural health.

He holds a deep knowledge of shamanism and plant medicine and holds ceremonial circles worldwide. His teachers across several lineages are mostly found in the highlands of the Andes and the forests and jungles of Central and South America.

The one who holds everything together

Sharon Van Bramer

Sharon Van Bramer of Bluestone has 15 years’ experience doing personal work with various plant medicines and over a decade organising and facilitating retreats with Ayahuasca. Her wish to also offer the world Huachuma, the powerful heart-based medicine from the Andes via highly intuitive shamanic practitioners became a reality when Frédéric Cherri joined forces with Bluestone for this seminal work.

This is the moment; this is the team.
Join us.

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