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Psychology and Shamanism

There is a very clear emerging interest from the field of psychology for shamanism, this age-old human approach to healing and re-establishing balance in the world: the variety of media articles on the subject, publications, movies, documentaries, the plethora of training, workshops shows that. Psychology is evolving and it is inviting us to find the overlapping domains between the two disciplines.

Shamanic Visionary Practice & Trauma

[When The Past Limits More than Just Your Body]

As the session started, she was resting in her home in the middle of Quebec and I was in Mexico, using visionary shamanic skills to support this remote treatment. I was navigating her luminous field in an altered state of awareness. I could then engage with her past and the stories of unhealed trauma.

How to Discover your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals are believed to hold a particular skill, trait or wisdom that we are supposed to learn or acquire on our earthly journey.

While many cultures believe in the idea of spirit animals, Shamanism is one of the main cultures that use spirit animals in order to enhance spiritual growth and development. They believe that animals hold special wisdom that we can learn from.

How to Make the Spirits Dance

Many archaeologists suggest that shamanic practices are ancient, starting at least 30,000 years ago. As an analytical concept, anthropologists define shamans as religious practitioners who interact directly with the spirit world to help their people. Shamans in each culture have their own practices and are called by different names (e.g., chayanyi, curanderos, or vegetalistas)…

Huachuma Ceremony: Day or Night? and Why?

De nombreuses informations sont maintenant disponibles qui nous renseignent sur la façon dont les anciens préparaient ces cérémonies. Ces sources révèlent qu’il y a deux formes de cérémonie: les cérémonies de guérison profonde ont lieu la nuit tandis que celles de la journée ont pour but d’aider une personne à croître et à se transformer, se reconnecter à l’énergie universelle et attirer le retour de la lumière solaire dans leur vie. C’est en fait la principale différence entre les deux.

The Grid of Deceit – How to Escape- With Love

Time and time again, during my 50 years as an explorer of all things, I’ve had to wrestle with what I call “the elite filtering of reality through the Grid of Deceit”.

It shows up in areas of politics, energy, modern medicine, media, money, covert intelligence, the military, religion, science, multinational corporations.