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the path of the dragon

A 5-Week Online Mentorship

Starting April 27, 2019

Discover how to influence your reality, life, business & relationships in remarkable ways as you access your ability to transform the past, heal the present and evolve the future..

Deepen your perceptual skills — and your powers of manifestation, healing and guidance — through advanced teachings and practices.

HELLO I’m Frédéric Cherri, a retreat & workshop leader, a speaker, a facilitator for deep transformation and a contemporary medicine man. For 30 years, I’ve apprenticed in ancient as well as modern fields of healing, psychology, earth medicine, altered perception, intuition & alchemy. My purpose is to support others in their journey of true healing and the unfolding of their life’s purpose into real meaning. I also facilitate new ways to tap into and use our inner-wisdom to flourish and thrive in life, business & relationships. I mostly work within a world that is intangible yet, felt by everyone, the Energy realm. And I train others in using the “Other Ways of Knowing”, the many remarkable tools we all have, beyond the brain.

Empowerment: The process that leads us to discover our own strengths and (re) acquire self-determination & freedom. It regenerates the existing, sometimes buried, ability to drive our own life. And it unleashes the resources needed to help us shape our own lives. And I will add to that: it is so much fun!
With love. Frédéric

I am inspired by human potential and the processes that catalyse transformation, healing & empowerment as they all support the unfolding of our life’s purpose (yours & mine).

I, and the people I sometimes team up with, offer here a wide variety of potent doorways & experiences to help people of all ages and backgrounds grow and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

How? Through releasing the limiting stories & beliefs that hold each of us back.


You will find here a wide offering, from one day events, individual sessions, unique 7-10 day retreats, weekend immersions to customised corporate programs.

With passion and experience, I share creative  and unique facilitation processes. I walk by your side to accompany a safe, yet powerful and life-changing experience.

The full embodiment of Radiance and Innate Power is my offering.


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We mostly search for knowledge in either official history or the latest scientific updates. We simply forgot the ‘Other Ways of Knowing’.

Ancient spiritual wisdom and modern science join to attempt to crack the code of consciousness. The answers won’t be easy and may blow wide open concepts of reality that we all accept as true. However, the true wisdom holders. are the shamans of ancient age: from Curanderos in the Amazon, to Indian American, Tibetans (His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a high ranking shaman in the Bön Tradition), Siberia, Celts to many others medicine women and men worldwide, all of our common ancestral cultures have developed, embodied and used these ways for millennia, in service of ‘universal’ knowledge. Despite the harrowing pressures the modern world has imposed on them, they keep sharing their precious gifts with whomever has a deep intent, in a practical and exquisitely way, applicable to all our deepest questions, quests and desires for a thriving and abundant life.

This knowledge is available to all of us and for one sole intent: heal our bodies, our relationships, be shamelessly abundant and connected.

The ‘Path of The Dragon’ is a journey to recover these Other Ways of Knowing, use them in daily life and finally, unfold other ways of being in the world that serve us and others in all aspects of life.

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My name is Frédéric, let's chat below on WhatsApp or send me an email to f@fredcherri.com

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