A 7-week online Mentorship to embrace the POWERFUL SPIRIT YOU ARE and create the life you LOVE!

In this life-changing Program merging ancient wisdom & latest scientific discoveries – 20 participants will learn how to work with Spirit to: Develop their Innate Wisdom, Materialise Success & Abundance, Release All Limiting Beliefs & Activate their Soul’s Purpose.

Starts February 1st, 2019 in








* Limited Space available – 20 Participants only!


The World’s First Program Designed To Help You Master your Reality and Live the Spirited Life you’ve Always Wanted

Why the Path of the Dragon?

We know intuitively that living from the Heart & Spirit is the right choice to make us feel connected and abundant. Yet, we don’t know how to break free from limitations, access a state of harmony rapidly & engage our capacity to deep wisdom.

We are obsessed with how to improve body and brain functions yet, no education system offers a way to harness and expand the ‘intangible’ side of us – some call Spirit or Soul. There is no practical method to reach a life filled with Purpose easily.

What if there is a simple yet powerful, proven step-by-step practice to develop, elevate, accelerate and align with your Soul’s Purpose? And activate Spirit in all dimensions of your life?

And what if that method can provide the results you’ve always wanted, from success and health to abundance, love and connection?

What if there is a Program
  • As efficient and precise as any scientific approach
  • Designed to make Intuition work in all areas of your life
  • Focused on methodically strengthening your Spirit
  • Crafted to radically change your levels of perception
  • Revealing the full capacity of your consciousness
  • Deepening all areas of your awareness
  • And, over 7 weeks, elevate your ability to break all the limits of your physical reality
This program is for you if you’re looking for:
  • Easy practices to master health, abundance, relationships
  • Connection with the bigger scope of your life.
  • Clarity & full expression of your impact the world and others
  • A powerful approach to leverage spirituality in all dimensions of your life.

This Is Not Just Another Online Course
It’s a 7-week Live Coaching Program

Join 20 participants starting February 1st, 2019.
This PROGRAM runs for 7 consecutive weeks.
During this time You will:

  1. Meet with Frédéric live online once a week, for a 2hr gathering via Zoom, at a set time, easy for all world time zones.
  2. Have private access to an online group forum where you’ll find insights, practical ideas & easy-to-use tools to support your learning.

Through this unique combined Live & Community Learning Platform you will go through the program along with your team mates under real-time guidance from Frédéric Cherri.

Plus, you’ll receive constant feedback and encouragement from a tight and active community we’re building around this Program.

The Path of the Dragon Program will empower 5 areas of your life

PERCEPTION – Become Fully Present to Now

Present & aware through a new perception of reality, time & space
  • Be in flowing control of any situation, at any moment
  • Simplify
  • Feel empowered through creative perception

HEALTH – Empowered, Healthy, Renewed & Safe

Feel at ease in your body, centered and vibrant
  • Rested Aliveness: the unique joy that comes with full embodiment
  • Dynamic Stillness: Flow with anything and everybody
  • Feel joy & gratitude, and let the self critic disappear.

INTUITION – Return to Intuition & Other Ways of Knowing

Use modern proven ‘Other Ways of Knowing’ to learn, know & adapt easily
  • Feel empowered & flow making easy and quick decisions
  • Find natural abundance and invite & align with insights, synchronicity and visions

PURPOSE – Command your Destiny

Feel enriched by mastering the combined effects of ritual & intention
  • Feel you can be the visionary and creator of your own potential.
  • Become the ultimate master of manifestation

SPIRIT – Become Spiritually Alive & Activated

Understand, master and embody the powerful effect of combined ritual, intention and celebration.

Use our new and proven technology of rituals, the ones that work, for life, business & relationships. Merge Rituals & Intention with the latest brain scientific discoveries to generate exactly the life you’ve always wanted.

Your Guide

Frédéric is regarded as an authority on healing, transformation & empowerment and many people regularly seek him for transformative sessions. Through a deep understanding of the energetic world, Frédéric helps people break through hidden blocks and create a powerful personal way of living, giving them a unique edge in their personal and professional life.

Two decades ago, Frédéric was living a ‘successful’ life as the owner of two busy and successful businesses with a great job, six-figure salary, and all the toys he could wish for. Yet, external success came with a price… a constant nagging that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences in 2000, Frédéric found himself changing in 3 days every single parameters of his life. It was then that Frédéric discovered he was “a gifted healer & teacher pretending to be a business person”.

Since then, Frédéric has helped thousands of clients around the world to live in alignment with their true purpose (and health) — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance — in other words, finally live the lives they always wanted.

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