A Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) TRIBE MEDICINE 7-Day Intensive for big-hearted individuals wanting to live an extraordinary life. A journey designed and led by Beáta Alföldi & Frédéric Cherri – two global leaders in the field of transformation and empowerment 

*** Limited Space available

What does ‘TRIBE MEDICINE offer?

This retreat offers a unique and safe experience of working with the reputed Plant Medicine, Huachuma – or San Pedro Cactus. Preparation and integration are key components in accessing the remarkable healing properties of this ancestral medicine, and will be facilitated by Beáta and Frédéric. ‘Tribe Medicine’ is designed to immerse you in a sacred and natural space of returning to the essential untamed you. To live a compelling life requires trust, courage and extraordinary vision – the ability to consistently implement the right actions in your life, infused with the intangible dynamics of Spirit. Without a roadmap or experienced guidance, the use of Plant Medicines can be frustrating and overwhelming. This retreat will accelerate your growth, activate your potential and transform the stories that keep you from living an inspired life.

Who’s this Program for?

Whether you want to find your purpose, take your existing life to new heights, or just reconnect & recover peace and harmony, ‘Tribe Medicine’ will help you:

  • Define your vision
  • Align with your purpose
  • Cultivate your unique strengths
  • Activate ceremonies for a life of magic
  • Manifest your dream life
  • Optimise your intuition
  • Deepen your ‘knowing’
  • Find the right tools for a compelling life
  • Magnetise your true value
  • Be in the flow at all times
  • Maximise your ability to connect
  • Harness the reciprocity of Spirit

And you’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with your power and authenticity.

What Sets ‘Tribe Medicine’
Apart From Any Other Program &
Why Would You Choose Us?

Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus)

There is no other plant medicine that activates the heart space the way in which Huachuma does. This retreat is the result of 40 years of our combined experience in healing, workshop facilitation and plant medicines. Beáta & Frédéric walk this path with deep respect & reverence for a 4000 year-old tradition of working with this master plant teacher.

Lifetime Impact

Every component of this program is designed to help you clarify your purpose and engage your capacity to transform, heal & empower your life – beyond the retreat itself. We witness over and again, the long lasting impact of our retreats on individuals and their capacity to impact and change the world around them.

Preparation & Integration

This is an opportunity to work with an extraordinary ancestral medicine & two authentic leaders in the field. The Plant, Huachuma, guarantees a deep dive into the realms of true healing. Intimate knowledge & skill are paramount to create the necessary safe space to receive the most out of this potent experience, and help you reveal the insights in every-day life.

Magical Location

We believe that extraordinary environments are paramount to support you in deep and lasting transformation. We hand-pick locations & venues to provide a unique, inspiring and healing space. You will feel held by the magic & beauty of our locations.

Life-Long Friendships

Our community is filled with extraordinary humans. Simply stated, there’s no other program that invites such high standards of kindness, authenticity and integrity. The intention for all our retreats is to reveal the single common thread that bonds us all, the desire for deep connection.


Dedicated Guidance

In all of our retreat offerings and beyond, you will never be on your own. We are dedicated to your personal growth, and will answer your questions, challenge you to stretch further and inspire you to stay committed to your actions. Whatever you need, we’re here to support you – with understanding, honesty and respect.

Extraordinary Tools

Each of our retreats offer strategic tools to accompany you at every stage of the journey and across the complete range of human development. We share with you the most counter-intuitive, efficient & transformative processes – to bring into your daily life.

A Compelling Life

To live a compelling life requires courage, trust and inspiration. The reward is beyond words or imagination. We know that, and are grateful to you for embarking boldly on this journey with us. You will never regret it – that’s our promise.


A quick message from us

“Dear All, This retreat comes with exquisite challenges. Using plant medicines for personal transformation requires the courage for each of us to dive deep and go the extra mile. That is why this retreat should only be considered by individuals who are 100% committed. We can’t make predictions on what it will look like for each individual. However, we do know from experience that this adventure is a sure way to step into your full magnificence. We cant’ wait to meet you! 
With Love, Beáta & Frédéric”

Your Facilitators

Beáta Alföldi & Frédéric Cherri

Two global leaders in the field of transformation and empowerment

Beáta Alföldi

Beáta is an international retreat leader, medicine woman, workshop facilitator, author, shamanic practitioner, sound healer, ceremonial leader, seer and speaker with a gift for assisting individuals through a deep transformation.

Beáta created the Integral Woman program for the Awareness Institute in Sydney where she completed a two-year diploma in Shamanic and Energetic healing. She has also lived in Peru and studied with various Curanderos (healers) of the Amazon and Andes.

Beáta facilitates private sessions, workshops, mentorship programs and international retreats worldwide and is a sought-after Keynote Speaker.

Beáta was invited to contribute a chapter to the book Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Beáta is also featured in the documentary film - 'Women of Heart' which is due to be released early in 2019 - globally.

She is a full member of the International Energetic Healing Association and is passionate about inspiring individuals to find the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, empowered and radiantly alive!

Frédéric Cherri

Frédéric is an international retreat & workshop leader, a facilitator for deep transformation, a contemporary medicine man apprenticed in ancient as well as modern fields of healing, psychology, altered perception & alchemy. He loves nothing better than supporting radical change in the world & to create inspired lives that MATTER!

Invited worldwide, as a keynote speaker & international facilitator on various topics of natural healing & shamanism. A long-standing  clinical experience and years of workshop facilitation have inspired him to create high-impact global retreats & unique spirited programs. His extensive study, training and research in the Cranial field, Shamanism and indigenous practices have led him to travel and work with various wisdom keepers, healers and pioneers in many fields of emerging consciousness.

Born in Africa, raised in the South of France, Frédéric now calls the-whole-world his home. His transition from a highly successful corporate career, working in many different areas and fields of business, led him to build and run a thriving Natural Health Centre in New Zealand for over 20 years.

When not creating or delivering new content or programs, Frédéric enjoys dreaming the world into being, alone or with his beloved accomplice, Beáta Alföldi.

Why Huachuma Plant Medicine?

The Origins

The Huachuma Cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher, master healing plant and a doorway to the spiritual world. It’s been used in Peru for over 4,000 years as a powerful catalyst for healing, connection and self understanding.

Each ceremony with the cactus produces a gentle yet profound shift in consciousness, helping us cleanse and heal the wounds of the past, while opening us to a more heart centred and conscious way of being.

The Experience

Each person’s experience is unique – a personal journey of self discovery and connection to the Divine. In his book ‘Plants of the Gods’, ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes explains – “San Pedro is in tune with beings that have supernatural powers.

Participants [in ceremonies] are ‘set free from matter’ and engage in flight through cosmic regions…transported across time and distance in a rapid and safe fashion.”

The Benefits

Huachuma is considered a doorway and the ‘maestro of the maestros’. The real power of San Pedro helps us to grow, learn and awaken. It shows us reality as it actually is, to a point where we understand everything in the Universe is alive, connected and has a spirit.

We are offered a doorway to the infinite to sense, or even see the inter-relationship and connection between everything that exists, to see there is no separation between us, and ultimately to realise we are all One.




Here is What You’ll Get

Three Huachuma Ceremonies

This Earth Medicine Retreat combines three Huachuma Ceremonies and the sophisticated process of preparation and integration work of worldwide facilitators and shamanic practitioners – Beáta Alföldi and Frédéric Cherri.


Working with sacred plant medicines is such a new experience for most of us, it is very useful to prepare oneself before meeting this Teacher Plant. To prepare this path does not have to be hard work, but needs gentle guidance and experience. Mostly, Beáta & Frederic and their combined skills, will help you work with blocks, fears, trust & surrender. The medicine often shows us aspects of ourselves that we were not able to know or accept before; and this is where a guided preparation is invaluable.


After any medicine ceremony, where your sensitivities are heightened beyond the normal thresholds, the return, or integration, can be deepened by the presence and care of someone who knows and can sense where you have been, what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced. Over years of practice and study we have developed and share the right tools to help and enhance your own integration of this unique experience.

Soul Purpose

In a nutshell, to assist you identify or enhance your Soul Calling is the purpose of this retreat. And, to provide the appropriate, easy and durable tools to manifest this calling further into your life. We are offering here a retreat combining Ancestral wisdom and the latest in scientific discoveries, both presented in long-standing facilitation skills. Our focus is to deepen your connection to the wisdom of your soul – to guide, inform and inspire every aspect of your life.

Rituals for Transformation

Rituals, mandalas & the altered states they invite are extremely powerful tools to create the right space and support your understanding of the insights offered by sacred medicine. You will learn how to shift perception and work with rituals and earth mandalas to that intent. Bringing these tools into your daily life will further create a life of magic, intention and meaning. Earth, fire, air and water rituals will be created to clear the ‘old’, invite the ‘new’ and manifest your dream life.

All -Inclusive

A 7-day/7-night retreat package. Daily organic vegetarian meals. Accommodation in our stunning retreat centre – Monte Velho Eco Resort, surrounded by breathtaking scenery near the stunning coastline of Portugal.


"...incredibly uplifting, hugely awakening, confronting and very powerful on a personal and spiritual level... This was an incredible experience, where I developed a wonderful appreciation of self awareness and the power of being kind - to myself and others. During this retreat, the weight of my problems truely lifted off me, and I felt lighter with a greater calmness, strength, joy and happiness replacing it. Beáta and Frédéric guided my heart and soul... I found tools to “see” and “feel” on a spiritual level. To be able to connect to other realms was something that I never thought possible..."


– Grant Rogers –


“When I was ready to turn around, with determination, I took that first step and decided to face myself. Beáta and Frédéric were there to hold the space for me, with their tenderness, their wisdom and combined with their feminine and masculine power - they gave me enough time to know, to feel that I was never alone. This retreat helped me to remember that Love flows like a river. It's always moving and changing, yet the river is always there - radiant, kind and fierce. Both Beata and Frederic’s hearts beat with the rhythm of Mother Earth. If you need guides on your journey – you’ve found your way home."
‘Let the  joys and the jeopardy of life create a fearless resilient person, who is whole. Who is me. ‘

– Mark & Susan Ang Ngo and our Hero, Baby Zen –


“I experienced a deeper connection with myself, nature and the world around me. The undeniable power and wisdom that I carry within – but had forgotten along the way. I felt I was able to finally surrender and let go of all the old stories holding me back in life.”

– Lu Purvis –


Monte Velho Retreat Centre, 

Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur


Monte Velho Retreat Centre, 

Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur


Monte Velho Retreat Centre, 

Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur


Monte Velho Retreat Centre, 

Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur


Monte Velho Retreat Centre, 

Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur

What’s the investment?
Are there Payment Plans?
How many of us on this retreat?

The Early Bird investment for ‘TRIBE MEDICINE’ runs until February, 2020 to save $US400. Yes, we do offer payment plans (contact us). To secure your place a deposit of $US600, non-refundable, is required. The final balance due date depends on your choice below (Early bird or Full Price). All payments can be made online securely by Credit Card (fees will apply) or direct bank deposit. This retreat is limited to 25 individuals to provide a safe space for exploration.

It all Starts With


When you invest in your own education through any of our offerings, you’re also contributing to the education and protection of children’s rights in Portugal through our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages


The Early Bird Rate of $US 2850 applies for a FULL PAYMENT by FEBRUARY 29, 2020.
A deposit of $US600 is required to secure your place (non-refundable). Choose your payment option below


The Standard Rate of $US 3400 applies for a FULL PAYMENT by JUNE 1st, 2020.
A deposit of $US600 is required to secure your place (non-refundable). Choose your payment option below

*** ALL ROOMS ARE PRIVATE WITH SHARED BATHROOM with another participant.


Fully paid by June 1st, 2020
  • Deposit is required to secure your place (non refundable)
  • Balance due before June 1st, 2020.
  • Choose your currency on the next step.

What others Say about this retreat

Why did you attend a SPIRIT Retreat?

AMY: “To connect deeper with myself, others and the world around me.”
SOPHIE: “To continue to learn about myself and to connect deeper with my guides, and to meet like-minded women. (Also to have fun).
REBECCA: “Because I wanted to dive deeper into parts of myself that I was afraid to explore on my own, and knew that taking myself away from my daily life was needed in supporting this exploration.”
LYNDAL: “More than anything I felt called. I felt that I had lost my job just prior to allow me to go and find myself again because I was feeling lost being back home, not knowing what path to take and engaging in addictive behaviors because of that. I wanted to know what to do with my career and I wanted too tap back in with my true nature spiritually speaking.”

What was your most cherished part of our retreat?

JOHN: “I think I said the word ‘brilliant’ about 12 times in a row on the last day of the retreat, and not because I had no other superlatives at my disposal, but more for the fact that even trying to use language seemed silly to describe the journey we had all taken together over…”

ODETTE:” This work is of a divine order! As a ceremonial space and circle for women’s medicine – the strength of character and deep presence that was held, was both rare and unique. I look forward to many more journeys in the future!”

FRANK: “I didn’t doubt for a moment that this retreat would pack more and more beautiful tools into my ‘how-to-live-life-with-wonderment’ kit, but even so, every day gave me so much more than I imagined. Practical, raw and astonishing.”

What was your experience during our Retreat?

SUE: “I experienced a deeper connection with myself, nature and the world around me.”
TARA: “The meaning of true sisterhood, as well as the compassion and support each woman gave to each other.”
PETER: “The undeniable power and wisdom that I carry within – but had forgotten along the way.”
EMMA: “I felt I was able to finally surrender and let go of all the old stories that were holding me back in life.”

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