The Courage to Heal

The Shamanic Approach to

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

UBUD, BALI – 28 SEP-11 OCT 2019

The Shamanic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy is a world-first training program. It leads to a qualification in a non-invasive, gentle & efficient therapy. It trains practitioners to create and hold a shamanic perceptual space combined with a Biodynamic Craniosacral quality of touch to help a suffering person release their full healing potential and reclaim health, harmony and balance.

The ancestral knowledge of age-old traditions considers that dis-ease comes from an imbalance between Nature and the Spirit within all. That loss of balance creates a fragmentation of the Essence of a person, leading to illness. The trained practitioner perceives what part of anatomy, physiology or energetic field affects the client’s life journey. Their perception and knowledge, as in shamanic states of awareness, allows a return of the fragmented part to the whole and results in cellular changes improving the physiological, emotional and spiritual state of health for the client.

Who is this for

This program will interest existing practitioners or clinicians of any medical, complementary medicine or natural health field wanting to understand, experience and bring to their clients the power of ancestral shamanic practices. It will also attract those with an interest in what merged spirituality and extreme science offer to support and enlist healing.


This is a hands-on program. In this 12-day  program you will develop, practice & master perceptual shifts combined with light touch skills to discover what affects health in the body and to support a return to harmony & balance as well as how to help resolve limiting beliefs, mental patterns or life stories.


You will gain confidence in integrating this approach in any clinical or natural health practice, to treat most conditions for most people in a safe & efficient manner. You will receive a Certification in 'The Courage to Heal™, an emerging-field of Energy Medicine. 


Shamanism is a healing and spiritual practice as old as humanity and is returning today as it offers such an appropriate response to the need of true healing for people, children and all aspects of our living. Based on a very specific set of practical understandings of nature it has helped humans survive for as long as we have started to gather in communities. It is not a religion, as it has no dogma, no sacred book, no recognised leader or founder. It does not preach nor claim any control over any person or organisation. It arose from our need to heal. It also shares many common aspects with many modern therapies. One of them, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is the closest in similarities for many reasons.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is one of the most successful therapy of the modern world. It is also the gentlest and most efficient touch therapy, treating many ailments. It is also on the cutting edge as far as energy medicine is concerned. The study of Craniosacral Therapy focuses on forming a relationship between the inherent ordering principal, the 'breath of life' of the client and the practitioner. The practitioner is trained to sense different levels of stillness and is able to palpate the expression of the system as the treatment evolves according to its own ordering principal. It is a subtle and gentle yet, profound offering and deals with all aspects of the human experience.


Through understanding the respective foundation of both practices we can approach the way they merge. The most important points are:


  • The practitioner is not ‘doing’ anything that modifies, changes or alters the person. 'True Healing' occurs as a natural process.
  • The practitioner uses ‘perception’ – not diagnostic – to support change and transformation.
  • The result is a realignment of the whole person towards harmony, encompassing a lot more than just the body.


Shamanic Principles

A Shamanic practice has a medical and spiritual focus and is based upon very specific beliefs vastly different from modern medicine. To better understand how a shaman works it is valuable to understand some of the fundamental concepts of what it is. It is a specific set of methodologies for accessing the 'spiri't or energy field of anything or anyone.


  • Everything within and around us is alive.
    Everything has spirit and awareness.
  • Everything that exists is an energy system within a greater energy system.
  • Everything is ‘energy’, ‘vibration’ or ‘matter’, depending the language we want to use.
  • Nothing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, everything is just in different quality states of energy, light or nurturing or dense and not serving health.
  • Everything that exists is deeply inter-connected to everything else.
  • Unseen/inner/intangible reality affects visible reality.
  • The shaman is a 'seer'. The 'seeing', in altered state of awareness is the catalyst to transmutation.
  • The shaman relates to both nature and spirit in healing for a true healing that is whole and complete: body, mind and spirit.



Biodynamic Craniosacral Principles

A Craniosacral practice also has a medical and multi-faceted focus, covering structural & psycho-socio-emotional, and is based upon fundamental variations from modern medicine.

Practitioners work through light touch, engage the Craniosacral System made of membranes and fluids and  activate the Primary Respiratory mechanism (osteopathic concept) equating to enlisting the Potency of the Living Force within every living being. 


  • The practitioner enters a relational field, in a state of balanced awareness, crucial to the purpose of healing and based on non-judgment, non-manipulation & non-interference.
  • There is no dis-ease. Only Health and a 'lack thereof'. That statement changes everything in the medical relationship.
  • The practitioner is a 'seer' and perceives Health and the lack thereof. The 'seeing', as in quantum physics, is what engages the internal residing forces of transmutation from a state of diminished health to a state of incremental health within the person's body systems. The 'seeing' is NOT a diagnosis.
  • There is nothing that can not be improved by the 'seeing' or perception.


What’s different about this program


Easy and simple to learn, the program offers a life-changing journey. Open to anyone with an interest in this emerging healing art as well as those already practising in a medical or natural health field.


This is a practical and experiential 12-day Program leading to an International Certification in the Shamanic Approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Faster & simpler. Without restriction or pre-requisite. Modern, honouring the origins of both practices, yet opening up to new fields of inter-personal Biology, altered states of perception and more.


Prior Anatomy knowledge is welcome yet not required. Related living anatomy & physiology are provided during training to facilitate self awareness & clinical practice.


Focused on experiential & practical skills. Continuous supervision from experienced tutors. 130 hrs of study: seminars + personal study made of reading, writing & practice. Notes provided.


Practical & experiential training leading to clinical and personal development skills. Morning clinics during training to reinforce the practical understanding. 


Skills Presented


A shift in perception is what is required to enter the practical realm of ‘true healing. We use core shamanic practices to support this part of the journey.


To see Health & the lack of it (not disease) requires a profound shift and embodiment of ‘Radical Awareness’. It enhances immediately your capacity to support true transformation.


Creating and sustaining a ‘State of Radical Awareness’ is a game-changer in any practice, with any dysfunction. The ultimate tool for an efficient and result-oriented practice.

True Relation

Discover what a true Relational Field with Health and suffering can bring. How it offers a profound connection with the natural healing forces at work. Assist healing unfold, gently, safely, durably.

A Way of Being

Your ‘quality of Being-With’ in therapeutic relationship as the most powerful catalyst in a sacred undertaking. Move from ‘academic’‘ to ‘Integrated’ Presence, the only one that truly serves healing.

New way of learning

An emerging way of learning, modeled on indigenous wisdom systems, new to us: understanding the world through experiential awareness, not doctrine, nor informational knowledge. 


This is a 12-day, non-residential, 3x4-day seminars Program (one day off between each seminar) running over a total of 15 days.

Seminar 1: Sept 28-October 1st, 2019
Arrive one day earlier (27 Sep) so we all start on time
Seminar 2: 3-6 October  2019
Seminar 3: 8-11 October 2019


VENUE in Central UBUD, BALI.
To be confirmed at the end of July

Accomodation is to be arranged individually.


The fee for the full program is $US3500. You can pay for the full program below (and save $US700), offer limited to the first 10 participants.

PLEASE NOTE: Alternatively you can choose to attend the first 4-day Seminar only. The fee for this seminar is $999. Should you decide to continue the training, the fee for the remaining 2 seminars is $US2500. To complete the program and obtain a Certification it is required to attend all 3 seminars.

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