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Discussion – 


Shamanic Visionary Practice & Trauma


[When The Past Limits More than Just Your Body] 

As the session started, she was resting in her home in the middle of Quebec and I was in Mexico, using visionary shamanic skills to support this remote treatment. I was navigating her luminous field in an altered state of awareness. I could then engage with her past and the stories of unhealed trauma.

She was now ageless. Gone was the woman in her 40’s. Time and space had vanished and I was melting in the vast intangible matrix of her life’s stories, events, losses, griefs and past relationships. I was witnessing the very making of her ‘humanness’, invisible to the common eye.  

‘Jeanne’, in her 40’s, a psychotherapist of 20+ yr experience, came to me already knowing that there was help beyond the classic framework of clinical psychology. She wanted to open herself to a new approach to wellbeing. She also knew that what held her back, the root for her lifelong chronic headaches, a persistent 20 yr old mid-back pain, a lack of joy and vibrancy, a loss of vitality, a sadness and depressive tendency, was buried in a deep recess of her being that no rational or modern approach would touch. 

She’d seen therapists from all the major disciplines multiple times with no success over the years. The real issue was hiding somewhere else. It almost always does. But I felt optimistic that she was now open for deep and durable change.

We had already worked together in an ancestral medicine group ceremony. A process that revealed deeply held past traumas, none of which she had talked about for decades and some of which came as completely new revelations. Once the material was out in the open, there was an opportunity to move through the intangible, the un-thinkable, the nonlinear parts of herself that came up for healing.

Upon the process that shamans use often, called Soul Retrieval, it rapidly became apparent to me that her issue was bound to an original wound that conditioned most of her growing years, her connection to her own direct family and limited her emotional and physiological capacity to deal with trauma and it’s pervasive effects.
I worked with the part of her soul that had fragmented following a traumatic event in her very early years and with the interpretation she made of it.

I helped this part of her soul go through the four phases of recognition, understanding, reconciliation and learning of the gifts. Each phase offered incredibly profound elements that finally led, through a thorough negotiation, to the reconnection of that young part of herself to the whole of Jeanne, to be held, reassured and loved.

When she was finally able to turn that love and care onto herself there was a palpable shift in the field, and in her whole body.

A largely unknown part of the shamanic approach is based on considering the person as part of a continuum where the isolation of mind, body or spirit as separate functional units is a profound departure from the ‘natural state of being human’ and the way a person relates to themselves and to their community.  

Here are Jeanne’s own words about the process:

“Within the session, I felt an incredible weight lifting off my shoulders. My emotions and feelings continued to level out over the next few weeks with a sense of freedom in my body that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I had always had a sense of deep sadness, loneliness and aloneness on top of the pains in my  body. After a couple of weeks while I was sitting alone I noticed I didn’t have that feeling any longer. The discomfort in my body has improved overall 80%, I have not had one migraine and it has been months now and I have a peaceful calmness to my voice and life. My intuition has magnified to a degree that absolutely amazes me. My family and clients have noticed as well. I am grateful beyond words.”


To integrate this approach as an adjunct to an existing practice and to your clients requires a simple training and an ‘integrated’ knowledge, a cellular one, not a cognitive one. The foundation of this work, from my perspective however, is a radical shift in understanding the therapeutic process, how healing really works and how we, as practitioners contribute to that process. 

This provides the precise edifice for modern ‘psycho-neuro-socio-emotional-spiritual’ changes, grounded in a very practical approach to the human’s spirit anatomy.
A shamanic framework with it’s practical tools provides that foundation, necessary to integrate easily into any professional practice, whether it is coaching, psychotherapeutic, medical, psychoenergetic or body-centered approach.


Next Saturday 29th August 2020 at 1pm EST (GMT-5) I will be offering a ZOOM meeting Q&A space, open to everybody, which will also outline the foundation for the new program I’m about to launch in November in Mexico, THE SHAMAN’S VISION. Registration required. Video recording will be sent to all registrants who can’t attend. 
REGISTRATION required at https://bit.ly/shamanic-vision


Shamanic visionary skills for health professionals & wellness practitioners
22-28 November 2020 — Cancun, Mexico 



Frédéric Cherri


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