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Discussion – 


Shamanism & Craniosacral Therapy

Why Shamanism and Craniosacral Therapy ?

Through an exquisitely light touch Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy naturally triggers physiological processes supporting the body to realign towards the blueprint of Health.

Shamanism offers age-old ways to realign a person in her connection between Nature and the Divine. It also supports that person to integrate aspects of their deep nature that they were forced to abandon very early in life. 

So, what can Shamanism really bring to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

The answer is reasonably simple yet, the question needs to be articulated differently:

The real question is:

What is Craniosacral Therapy not including into its approach to healing?

The answer is:

1. Nature

A sacred ritualised space connected to Nature, Spirit and the intangible forces of the Universe. This can be broken down into:

2. A Holding Space

An energetic holding space that is much wider than the one engendered solely by the person or by the relationship ‘practitioner and person’

3. Spirit

A formal invitation to the Spirit of the person to come forth and “show” itself with all it’s personal experiences, learnings and life dynamics.

4. Shift in perception

A way to “perceive” and reveal the person’s intangible records and the limitations her (or his) personal history has built up over years of growth, development, trauma…. This perception is key and well beyond Craniosacral Therapy’s traditional biological (biodynamic) field of operation. That scope of ‘perception’ is also not taught nor found in any of existing Craniosacral Therapy educational models.

4. An ancestral model

A formal and solid practitioner framework, thousands of years old, no longer rooted on rational linear thinking, nor dependant on informational knowledge as in techniques or anatomy, physiology, attachment theories or others. An age-old framework proven to be fairly simple to study, embody and practice in clinics. Shamanism is a profound and wide field of study in itself yet, it can be approached very simply. It is practical, elegant and powerful. It also transforms the practitioner at a much deeper level than traditional CST. Finally, it merges beautifully with CST.

3. Transmutation

A true transmutation effect. That aspect is a whole conversation in itself. It will be presented in the following posts.

How do both Craniosacral and Shamanic practice have in common?

… Coming soon. 

A bientôt! 

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Frédéric Cherri


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