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Discussion – 


The Grid of Deceit – How to Escape- With Love

Time and time again, during my 50 years as an explorer of all things, I’ve had to wrestle with what I call “the elite filtering of reality through the Grid of Deceit”.

It shows up in areas of politics, energy, modern medicine, media, money, covert intelligence, the military, religion, science, multinational corporations. All vested parties and agents of influence in each of these areas have become masters of spin, lie, deceit and manipulation.

A part of our psyche absolutely knows that. The deepest part, the one that truly ‘knows’.

It’s as if a painter is working on a large mural, and the quasi majority of us is looking at that mural and seeing it as Reality.

This goes deeper. Much deeper:

Twisted and limited concepts of the mind, cause-and-effect, space, healing, time, energy—these, too, are “gifted” to humanity as the be-all and end-all of a story. A story that ultimately short-circuits and short-changes what each of us is really capable of.

The entire mural of this imposed reality seems to be aimed at radically diminishing the individual’s power by the tactics of confusion, distraction and fear.

50 years ago, when I became aware of this situation, I was very tempted to give up and live a life of avoidance of all coercive or deceitful systems and rather ‘use the system versus being used by it’.

A part of me wishes it could have been that simple. The other part had to mature to almost 60 years to finally own the reality that my voice is only a small, yet positive contribution to those who have the desire to awake and to reclaim their power.

So, as an explorer of all things, and in addition to my 30 years of clinical practice in the area of natural health and empowerment, I’ve been fiercely pondering and researching our ability to go beyond this mural of reality.

I have been specifically interested in the areas of modern medicine, wellbeing and mind, body and spirit and… the force of Love in all aspects of our lives, especially connection and what we call business.

And extraordinarily enough, I find that these areas are the very first required steps to go through the veils of a fake reality, the Grid of Deceit aka the Matrix, if we want to see a better future, for ourselves and for those we care about.

My intention, more than ever, is to keep contributing  tools, exercises and techniques for expanding the creative power of the individual.

Some of those exercises are already part of many of our programs, online offerings as well as onsite training, retreats and others. These tools and techniques are aimed at accessing more clarity and energy, more creativity, more stability, harmony and inner knowing ‘beyond the mural of reality’.

In fact, I STAND for our ability to think, act, and create both outside and inside the Grid of Deceit Because that HAS to be the goal: to be able to function on both sides of the matrix.

Most of us are already consciously or unconsciously limited and fixated by rules, laws, boundaries and systems. We are limited to hope that whatever can be delivered has to be through a system.

That is already giving into a form of mind control.

Outside the grid of deceit, we step into the New.  Old understandings of cause and effect don’t apply. What we have all learned from ‘history’ has to die. The past no longer influences and determines the present. The way a religion enforces its domination or science presents its self-justification propaganda as proof it has become the only valid way of thinking is irrelevant.

Creativity, Power and Freedom are not systems. They are all natural birthrights any one of us can claim.

At one time or another, every human being who has ever lived on this planet has abandoned his creative power or relinquished it to others. The world’s history of oppression vouches for that.

The question is: does he/she want to get it back?

Actually, it never really goes away. It may be dormant but it’s always there. It is the basis of a life that can be lived. A life that can be chosen. Most of us instead make choices or pick roles that don’t require that powerful force. They think of it as the only choice or even, that this is a winning strategy.

It isn’t.

First, and to establish power and creativity requires us to learn how to analyse information in the age of disinformation, how to take apart and put together data that lead to valid conclusions.

Then, you have to overcome what comes first on the path to awakening: resent.
The raging feelings that come with the realisation we’ve let ourselves down for so long, that we’ve felt so powerless for so long in front of our diminishing freedoms.

Then, you move on to the exercises that stretch up your creative and empowerment muscles.

I have so much more to say and to offer on that…

To access a limitless well of internal resources is necessary to move toward the goal of power and freedom and to live outside the Grid—versus rely on the illusory power that the Grid pretends to provide.

I’ve developed tools and exercises for exactly that purpose: your wellbeing, your clarity, your connection to the deepest part of you, the one that ‘knows’ the truth, for you.

These tools are all, without exception, focused on empowerment, as you won’t depend on anybody else to master them and to increase your energy and capacity to create and connect.

Hope this contributes to you
Be well, and always you.



Frédéric Cherri


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