A 5-Week Online Live Mentorship to ACTIVATE the POWER of  SPIRIT in you and create the life you LOVE!

A life-changing Program, for men and women, merging ancient wisdom & latest scientific discoveries, to Learn how to work with Spirit, Develop Innate Wisdom, Materialise Success & Abundance, Release All Limiting Beliefs & Activate your Soul’s Purpose.
**Full recordings available for those who can’t attend the live gatherings.

* Limited Space available

“Step into the Intangible, reclaim your own power, and

get answers to the questions that really matter to you,

with simple & effective tools”

Frédéric Cherri

Why the Dragon

And How it all happened

Peru…cold Andean mountains… hissing winds… and yet a kind and warm sun hitting my face.
I’m sitting in a circle amongst other consciousness explorers for a day of ancestral medicine ritual. This time, Huachuma, the San Pedro Cactus, will be our plant teacher. Huachuma has been used for millennia by all Andeans traditions, to support healing and transformation.

After drinking the mildly bitter brew offered in the circle, the journey starts for an almost 10 hours’ ride, bringing me to profound non-ordinary states of perception, strong visions, acute sensitivity and an extra-ordinary sense of harmony with Nature.

For those who walk the un-beaten trail of what Ancestral Medicine offers, the rewards are often beyond what the imagination can grasp. The experience is a literally kaleidoscopic understanding of the core aspects of one’s gifts and shadows, and symbolic or practical ways to embrace both – to grow, transform and be more whole, healed and hopefully, a better person in the end.

This is not my first experience with the Teaching Plants, but this particular journey offers me a series of profound & empowering revelations & understandings, and… a gift: the formidable Vision of a Fire- Dragon, who resolutely offered itself as my personal Totem Animal.

In the realm of the non-ordinary, the encounter of a totem as mighty as the Fire-Dragon is nothing short of, well… a very special and astounding gift.

During this unadulterated day of challenging bliss, intimate and potent conversations with the Dragon took place, teachings and tools were presented to resolve lethargic aspects of what holds me from sharing my gifts.

Clear paths and encouragements to explore them were indicated. New skills and material that I had been seeking for a long time were finally revealed.
The account of my encounter with the Dragon could cover volumes – maybe one day it will – however and for those who don’t know me well, I’m far more concerned with experience than theory and this program is the result of this particular experience, put into actionable steps for anybody wanting to find the path and tools for a Spirited life.

I was literally showered with gifts, the richness of the Dragon’s Heart, its Power, the qualities of its Breath of Fire and  its exquisite capacity to Vision, Intuit, Know and Create.
All these insights were revealed, together with the unequivocal caveat and mission for me to take them to shared circles of women and men of Heart.


This program, the Path of the Dragon, is the result of much work of intuition, vision, communication and action, all guided by this incredibly gifted and mystical guardian. I am so looking forward to sharing some of the Dragon’s treasures with you.

Personal Message

I am delighted to present the second iteration of this ground-breaking Online Program!

As you may know, over the past 30 years I have travelled the world offering workshops and retreats. For those who can’t attend these events, I also wanted to offer a comparable online experience, where we can learn open-heartedly the intricacies of the path of Knowledge, Healing, Power, Joy and Awakening. 

This Program is an intimate online retreat with me… wherever you are in the world!

It offers:
– 5 LIVE sessions of 2 hours each – recorded for you to watch if you can’t join us live
– 2 one-on-one sessions – to help articulate your progress
– Direct & personal support – via email
– An online community – to find tips, insights & extended support

You will learn how to enlist help from one of the most powerful Spirit allies, the Dragon, to move through mental, emotional, or energetic blocks. You will be offered ways to unlock the keys to intuition and bring the Dragon’s ancient teachings of spiritual awakening into everyday life. You’ll be taken through simple, yet counter-intuitive ways to create a life of abundance, meaning and impact.

You will finally master ways to bring these breakthroughs into a day-to-day reality.


Through weekly online gatherings, talks, altered awareness journeys and practical & powerful exercises, we’ll be diving into the following topics together:

  • How to access a state of harmony & flow rapidly
  • How to engage our capacity to access deep & immediate wisdom
  • How to resolve all our shadow, griefs, heartaches and “blocks” to peace, awakening and love
  • How to find and embody purpose
  • How to manifest the Life of your dreams through Intention

I’ll accompany you safely along the path of healing the shadows we all encounter and I’ll reveal the secrets I discovered personally along the way – the untold keys that serve me daily to embrace a Life of Power.

Join me on this very special journey on the Path of the Dragon, to discover your most powerful ally. It is waiting to serve you and your deepest desires.

In Gratitude,
Frédéric Cherri

P.S. Enrolment will be open for less than two weeks. The course comes with a full guarantee so you can try it out completely risk free. Scroll down this page to get all the details and to join. I look forward to meeting you online!


A Unique Program Designed to Help You Master Your Reality And Live a Life Deeply Connected to Spirit

Why the Path of the Dragon?

We know intuitively that living from the Heart & Spirit is the right choice to make us feel connected and abundant. Yet, we don’t know how to break free from limitations, access a state of harmony rapidly & engage our capacity to deep wisdom.

We are obsessed with how to improve body and brain functions yet, no education system offers a way to harness and expand the ‘intangible’ side of us – some call Spirit or Soul. There is no practical method to reach a life filled with Purpose easily.

What if there is a simple, step-by-step approach to activate Spirit in all dimensions of your life and align with your Soul’s Purpose?

And what if that method can provide the results you’ve always wanted, from success and health to abundance, love and connection?

What if there is a Program
  • As efficient and precise as any scientific approach
  • Designed to reveal the power of Intuition and to make it work for you
  • Focused on methodically strengthening your Spirit
  • Crafted to radically change your levels of perception
  • Revealing & deepening your full creative potential
  • And, over 5 weeks, elevate your ability to break all the limits of your physical reality
This program is for you if you’re looking for:
  • Easy practices to master wellbeing, abundance & relationships
  • Connection with the bigger purpose of your life
  • Clarity & full expression of your ability to impact the world and others
  • A powerful approach to leverage spirituality in all dimensions of your life

This Is Not Just Another Online Course
It’s a 5-week Live Mentoring Program

  • Limited to 20 Participants
  • Starts August 24, 2019
  • Runs for 5 consecutive weeks.
  • All recordings available to download.
  1. Join Frédéric LIVE once a week for a 2hr Zoom meeting, at a time convenient for all time zones. If you can’t join the live gatherings, get access to full recordings. 
  2. Get direct support from Frédéric by email outside the online meetings.
  3. Access a Private online group where you’ll find tips, insights, shared stories, practical ideas & tools to support your learning.
The combination of LIVE, PRIVATE and COMMUNITY learning will offer continuous guidance & input from Frédéric.

The Path of the Dragon Program will empower 5 areas of your life

PERCEPTION – Become Fully Present to Now

Present & aware through a new perception of reality, time & space
  • Presence & Flow to allow any situation, to unfold without the need for control
  • Move along the Time Lines to heal the past and craft the Present with vision & intention
  • Feel empowered through creative perception

WELLBEING – Empowered, Healthy, Renewed & Safe

Re-write the limiting stories, feel at ease, centered and vibrant
  • Rested Aliveness: the unique joy that comes with full embodiment
  • Dynamic Stillness: Flow with anything and everybody
  • Feel joy & gratitude, and let the self critic disappear.

INTUITION – Return to Intuition & Other Ways of Knowing

Use modern proven ‘Other Ways of Knowing’ to learn, know & adapt easily
  • Feel empowered & in-flow to make easy and quick decisions
  • Find natural abundance and invite & align with insights, synchronicity and visions

PURPOSE – Command your Destiny

Feel enriched by mastering the combined effects of ritual & intention
  • Feel you can be the visionary and creator of your own potential.
  • Become the ultimate master of manifestation

SPIRIT – Become Spiritually Alive & Activated

Understand, master and embody the powerful effect of combined ritual, intention and celebration.
  • New & proven technology of rituals, the ones that work, for life, business & relationships.
  • Merge Rituals & Intention with the latest brain scientific discoveries to manifest exactly the life you’ve always wanted.
Your Guide

Frédéric is regarded as a leader in the field of healing, transformation & empowerment and many people regularly seek him for transformative sessions. Through a deep understanding of the energetic world, Frédéric helps people break through hidden blocks and create a powerful personal way of living, giving them a unique edge in their personal and professional life.

Twenty five years ago, Frédéric was living a ‘successful’ life as the owner of two busy and successful businesses with a great job, six-figure salary, and all the toys he could wish for. Yet, external success came with a price… a constant nagging that he wasn’t fulfilling his true purpose.

Through a remarkable set of coincidences in 1995, Frédéric found himself changing in 3 days every single parameter of his life. It was then that he discovered he was “a gifted teacher, coach and mentor pretending to be a business person”.

Since then, he has helped thousands of clients around the world to live in alignment with their true purpose (and wellbeing) — so they feel tremendous confidence; enjoy deeper happiness; attract more love; avoid health struggles; and create more abundance — in other words, live the lives they always wanted.

How this works

A Three-Step Approach

This program runs for 5 consecutive weeks starting August 24, 2019. Each part (one per week) develops different skills. You’ll meet with Frédéric & the group once a week at a set time for a 120 mins Online Group Session. During the 5 weeks you will also be offered two private 1:1 sessions with Frederic to help you integrate. You will also have access to a private online forum interface, available on both web & mobile platform. This forum will offer a live space for interaction, tips, exercises, daily suggestions and downloads to apply your new skills and hone them in real life scenarios.

The weekly online gathering, private guidance, group forum access and practical advice, will help you build harmoniously an experiential understanding of the practices, tools, and the long-lasting skills you’ll need to get the Life you’ve always wanted.


Five 2hr live gatherings

Join Frédéric LIVE once a week for 5 weeks, for a 2hr Zoom meeting, at a time convenient for all.


Two 1:1 private Sessions

Spend some personal face-to-face time with Frédéric to help and monitor your progress.


Full Online Training Material

Join a PRIVATE online Group where you’ll find documents, insights, shared stories, practical ideas & tools to support your learning.

Recordings Available

For those who can’t join the Live events, full recordings will be available.

Don’t take our word for it

Hear what they say


Canggu, Bali – Indonesia

This program nailed it for me! I’ve never had that level of interest for such program, ever.  I felt supported right through the duration of the program. I was able to drop my limiting victim mentality, it’s no longer there. I’m now able to keep to my own counsel whereas I was always seeking answers outside.
I know that I can reach in a minute any answer to any question, anytime anywhere. The tools offered are so swift and powerful to reach those answers, easy to use everyday. The energy was held so well and tangible for the entire duration of the program. It is still with me. Since, I received so many comments about how grounded and stable I am.

Brisbane, Australia

Wow! fascinating, amazing. I loved getting into the mystery and power of the Dragon. 
One of the biggest takeaway of this program is discovering the extent of my resistance and at times breaking through. I’ve put my trust in the Dragon and I have found another way to relaxed openness.

Christchurch, New Zealand

I feel empowered and unfolding and I have a knowing that the Dragon and it’s Spirit is always there when I need it’s wisdom and help in all aspects of my life. Being able to shed limiting stories of the past was amazing. I see this program as a powerful toolkit.


Sydney, Australia


Simple Pricing

The set price for this Mentorship is $1199. However, as this is a recent offering, I want to get your feedback and comments on the program and your results… so I’ve made the investment as low as possible and dropped the price by close to 50%. All I ask is that you provide feedback(I’ll reach out to you) at the end of the program.

Here’s what you get when you enrol:
  • 5-Week Online Mentoring by Frédéric Cherri.
  • 5×120 Mins Online Personal Coaching in Group Sessions
  • 2x 45 Mins Private Sessions with Frédéric
  • Access to Online Group Forum, tips, stories, exercises and live mentoring from Frédéric.
  • Community support with 20 inspiring humans.
  • Lifetime friendships
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You’re Protected by our 100% Guarantee

I am so convinced of the results you will be getting on this program that I’m offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Engage fully into the program, attend all sessions (group and private) and if you have not manifested changes and results in your life, simply email our Support Center and start a conversation with me to get an instant refund. It’s that easy.


When does the Path of the Dragon Start?

The Path of the Dragon starts on Saturday August 24, 2019. Because the group is open to 20 participants worldwide, the starting time will be set depending on location. Once past the 10 first registrations I will send an email setting a time that works for all.

You will receive an email the day before the programs begins and then occasionally throughout the 5 weeks reminding you of important points and practices. You will also be reminded via our online community group.

Did Frédéric really drop the price by close to 50%?

I did, really. And the reason is simple —  as this is a new course, I want to get your feedback and comments on the course and your results… so I’ve made the investment as low as possible and dropped the price by close to 50%. All I ask is that you provide feedback (I’ll reach out to you) at the end of the program.

How exactly does the Path of the Dragon work?

The 5-Weeks Path of the Dragon is a program designed for effortless transformation. You only need to commit 10-20 minutes every day for the 5-weeks this program will run to bring the benefits. It’s designed like an obstacle-course race where 20 individuals join forces to overcome challenges and unlock a breakthrough in how to live a spirited life.

Everyone starts on August 24, 2019 and the program will run non-stop for 5-weeks at the same day, same time.

It’s an Online Live Mentorship. So during the 5-weeks, you’ll be taken through a special 5-step micro-learning methodology applied over 5 categories of spirit empowerment.

In less than 20 minutes each day of regular practice, you’ll be unlocking the benefits of the Path of the Dragon for you.

Do you guarantee it will work for me?

Yes. It is quite simple; if you complete the program fully you will get life-changing results.

Sign up. Do the program. Take daily actions. Contribute to the Online Group, share your stories, and contribute to others’. You are bound to find stunning outcomes to this journey.

So click the Add-to-Cart button and enrol now.

Is this program for everybody?
The Path of the Dragon is really for anybody either women or men of heart and commitment. The skills offered here are un-gendered as they empower a community of inspired and inspiring humans. Also I have found that a group of conscious individuals, present in their masculine and feminine, offers an array of support and insight that one misses when being in a gender specific group.
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