Shamanic visionary skills for wellness practitioners


Integrate Shamanic Visionary Perception into any therapy, coaching, energy, psychology or medical practice to help others reclaim health, harmony and balance. A world-first program, merging ancient & modern knowledge in a practical offering.

Why this Program

Shamanic visionary states of awareness & perception support the return of the fragmented part of a person to the whole. They also unleash non-ordinary healing capacities. They are surprisingly easy to learn and to integrate into any coaching, therapy, psychology or medical practice. Shamanic perception can help anybody catalyse rare states of physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

“Never before has it been more crucial to understanding how to bring a spririted approach to helping others in their path of growth and evolution”



Shamanic visionary states help any modern practice bring deep & durable life-changes for clients or patients

A hands-on program. Practice & master perceptual shifts to discover and resolve what limits people’s wellbeing, health, mental patterns & belief systems. Find non-ordinary new ways to serve and help others.

Here are some of the details for this unique program

Who is this for

This program will interest existing coaches, practitioners or clinicians of any psychology, medical, or natural health field wanting to bring to their offering the power of ancestral shamanic practices. It will also attract those with an interest in what merged spirituality and edge-science offer to support and enlist true healing & wellbeing.

What to expect

This is a hands-on program. In this ___-day program you will develop, practice & master perceptual shifts combined with light touch skills to discover what affects wellbeing in the body, limiting thought patterns, and to support a return to harmony & balance as well as how to help resolve any limiting beliefs or life stories.


You will gain confidence in integrating this approach in any coaching, clinical or natural health practice, to help clients, patients, grow transform and heal. From a clinical point of view this program will also help any practitioner treat most conditions for most people in a safe & efficient manner.


Designed to help you assist other’s transformation & healing

 Everything in this unique program has been carefully crafted to help you assist others in their transformation or healing journey, so that you can access your own true power, thrive in all aspects of your life and matter to the people you love and care about.

Here are some of the skills presented in this unique program


A shift in perception is what is required to enter the practical realm of shamanic possibilities of  ‘true healing’. We use universal shamanic practices to support this part of the journey. All the tools are within. 


To see Health or wellbeing & the lack of it (not disease or limitations) requires a sustained shift and embodiment of ‘Shamanic Awareness’. It enhances your capacity to support true transformation.


Creating and sustaining a ‘State of Shamanic Awareness’ is a game-changer in any practice, with any dysfunction. The ultimate tool for an efficient and result-oriented practice.

True Relation

Discover what a true Relational Field with Health and suffering can bring. How it offers a profound connection with the natural healing forces at work. Assist healing unfold, gently, safely, durably.

A Way of Being

Your quality of ‘Being-With’ in any relationship (therapeutic or not) as the most powerful catalyst in a sacred undertaking. Move from ‘academic’‘ to ‘Integrated’ Presence, the only one that truly serves wellbeing & healing.

New way of learning

An emerging way of learning, modeled on indigenous wisdom systems, new to us: understanding the world through experiential awareness, not doctrine,  not diagnostics systems, nor informational knowledge. 


Hear the calling?

Led by
Frédéric Cherri
A global leader in the field of transformation and empowerment

“Frédéric Cherri is a rare blend of clinician, visionary and shamanic scholar with the ability to articulate the intangible for our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”

Frédéric is an international retreat & workshop leader, a facilitator for deep transformation, a contemporary medicine man apprenticed in ancient as well as modern fields of healing, psychology, altered perception & alchemy. He loves nothing better than supporting radical change in the world & to create inspired lives that MATTER!

Invited worldwide, as a keynote speaker & international facilitator on various topics of natural healing & shamanism. A long-standing  clinical experience and years of workshop facilitation have inspired him to create high-impact global retreats & unique spirited programs. His extensive study, training and research in the Cranial field, Shamanism and indigenous practices have led him to travel and work with various wisdom keepers, healers and pioneers in many fields of emerging consciousness.

Born in Africa, raised in the South of France, Frédéric now calls the-whole-world his home. His transition from a highly successful corporate career, working in many different areas and fields of business, led him to build and run a thriving Natural Health Centre in New Zealand for over 20 years.

When not creating or delivering new content or programs, Frédéric enjoys dreaming the world into being, alone or with his beloved accomplice, Beáta Alföldi.

A new way of learning

“Frédéric Cherri is a rare blend of clinician, visionary and shamanic scholar with the ability to articulate the intangible for our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”

this training offers an emerging way of learning, modeled on indigenous wisdom systems, new to us: understanding the world through experiential awareness, not doctrine, nor informational knowledge.


Focused on experiential & practical understanding to support the integration of new skills directly into any existing coaching, therapeutic or clinical practice.


Without restriction or pre-requisite. Modern, yet honouring of all ancient wisdoms. My role is to impart knowledge, safely, to see you thrive.


My vision is to help you expand your evolution, well beyond your workshop time. I’ve made sure you can apply what you’ve learned easily in practice and beyond.

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