get the benefits of meditation now,

without months of practice, pain or even a cushion

Release & handle stress better, sleep better, boost immune functions, get rid of headaches, minimise pain & anxiety, become more present & relaxed and more,
in minutes!

to obtain the benefits of meditation
we are led to believe we need:

Regular Practice Time

We are led to believe that it takes long & regular quiet practice to get the benefits of meditation. Nothing more untrue.  MindLeastness can be practiced anywhere anytime and takes 2-3 hours to learn!

A cushion

The traditional meditation cushion means an off-time (difficult to find), a sitting position (painful for most), and a prop (not always available). MindLeastness is built-in. Take it anywhere, any place, anytime.

A Tutor/Technique

Most meditation techniques follow instructor-led or cognitive & structured ways of practice. MindLeastness moves radically away from any mental activity. It takes 2-3 hrs to learn at your own pace.

New Research!

Actually, new & abundant research shows that traditional meditation techniques can increase anxiety, sleep disorders & many other ailments. MindLeastness on the other hand has no side-effects.

well, it may not be the case after all

The MindLeastness™ Online Course shows you how to start a meditation practice or deepen an existing one, in around 2-3 hours. You don’t need months of practice, discomfort or even a cushion. It is a simple, practical and yet counter-intuitive way to gain all the benefits of meditation, rapidly. Use it on the go, all the time.

If you’re just starting out, MindLeastness™ will give you everything you need to start an immediate meditation practice in just 2 hours and get all the benefits instantly.

If you’re already a meditator, MindLeastness™ will exponentially increase your skills and help you build a powerful meditation practice that you can take in every aspects of your life.

The MindLeastness™ Course has 4 Pillars. When you link them together, they work in perfect synergy to create a “Next Level Meditation Practice”… a practice that has the power to transform your life and the lives of everybody around you.

the advantages

Stress Free

Harvard research shows that 80% of illnesses are stress related. Meditation is the single most powerful stress-relief tool available . Staying stressed makes you sick.

Headache Relief

Meditation can alleviate intensity, frequency and duration of migraines or headaches. Migraines tend to be 3 hrs shorter for meditators and happen 1.4 times less frequently.

Better Sleep

50% of adults suffer from insomnia a few nights a week. Meditation is the best natural way to regulate sleep disorder. We have a 90% sleep improvement with MindLeastness™

60% More Productivity

When stressed our mental capacity decreases, our bodies produce more cortisol, the ‘death’ hormone. MindLeastness™ reduces stress and boosts performance up to 60%.

Is it really possible to unlock the results of meditation fast?

How Bryan changed his life (and mine)

By Frédéric Cherri

Meditation takes regular practice, a technique and a cushion.

You’ve heard that before, right?

Well, it’s a lie.

My friend Bryan proved it did not take weeks, months or even years of practice to get the results and benefits of meditation. You’ve also heard about these and who doesn’t want them?

Feeling less stressed: Oh Yes Please!
Improves concentration: Sure!
Benefits heart & immune system: Yup!
Slows Ageing: Absolutely!
Improves sleep: I want some of that!
Increases Happiness: Gimme Some More!

So… Bryan gave it a shot for a few months and used some techniques available out there.

What he found:

He didn’t have the time: who can commit to 20mins of daily practice these days?
He didn’t like sitting on a cushion: his knees and back were aching after 5mins!
He found out there were a few side-effects to meditation: he felt frustrated, at times agitated and more anxious than before, his sleep was becoming erratic.
He was not progressing fast enough: after a few months of practice, where were those benefits everybody talked about?

I gave him a few tips

I also happen to have helped Bryan with a few health issues over the years. At that time, about 15 years ago, I had started a clinical practice and natural health center in New Zealand. Bryan and I also hung out and talked. So, I gave him a few of the tips I shared with my patients when they showed up with all the symptoms he had: agitation, sleep loss, and frustration. I knew my pointers worked for most of my patients but I didn’t know how well.

I caught up with him a few weeks later.

A few weeks later, he was a completely different person.

He was so chilled, completely present, smiling and, overall, much happier. He also reported he slept like a baby, had a renewed capacity to handle stress in his life, had had a few glimpses of what he called ‘spontaneous nirvana’, felt his mind was clear and relaxed, caught himself being in no-mind spaces more often.

Is it really possible to unlock the results of meditation fast?

 I asked him how he did it?

… and honestly what I heard blew me away.

Bryan and I talked for over an hour and he shared every detail of his journey.  I recorded our interview and would love to share with you the essence of it so that you can learn how to start or improve your own meditation practice.

Contrary to what we are led to believe, there is an easy way to reach all the goals of meditation, without any of the constraints.

It is easy to learn. You can practice it, every day, all the time, and with tangible results.

It’s not complicated, but it’s counter-intuitive.

Step 1: Take all you know about meditation. Put it aside.

Step 2: Throw away the belief that you need a regular sitting practice or a specific method to get the benefits.
Step 3: Keep an open mind to what’s coming up next.

The MindLeastness™ online program launches soon. It is, though, the result of almost 20 years of clinical activity and research. I trained hundreds and hundreds of patients to use these simple steps. Then, I studied the results. I came up with a simple program.

The best part? It takes about 30mins to learn.

Then, you can put it into action instantly, in all aspects of your life.
The formula isn’t hard, it’s not complicated, it does not need 20mins or so of practice per day. It’s available to you anytime, on the go, with all the results and benefits, immediately.

What if there was a proven formula to meditate easily, all the time?

A little bit about me

My name is Frédéric Cherri and I’m the founder of MindLeastness™, an online platform to unlock meditation results fast. I strive to help people live full, connected and thriving lives.

I’ve tested and reverse-engineered many meditation strategies and techniques. Then, my friend Bryans’ story was the trigger that pushed me to create and share with you the most effective strategy to reach the benefits of meditation rapidly.

Just below, download the MindLeastness™ Secrets E-book

Where you’ll learn…

  • How Bryan went from 20mins of painful morning meditation practice to an almost instant and permanent increased state of awareness.
  • How he shifted radically away from everything he knew about meditation
  • How he successfully engaged in a practice that changed his life.
  • How his concentration was exponentially improved (that’s a funny story)
  • How he was so surprised at how present he could be during the day and what a difference it made to him and others.
  • How he scored browny points with his wife, kids, friends, and family by being relaxed, and more easily attentive to what was happening around him.
  • The strategy that led Bryan to a complete change of the way he looked at everything.
  • … and much more.

Click the button below and you’ll have immediate access to Bryan’s Strategy and the story behind the MindLeastness™ Program.

You’ll also receive a series of my most popular Tips and Tools.

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What's in this FREE ebook

This short guide presents how Mindleastness™ unlocks meditation results fast without months of regular practice, a cushion or even a teacher.

 The benefits, not the constraints
 How to throw away the cushion
 On the go. No routine.
 The mind-full-ness myth

An Invitation

Meet Your Guide, Frédéric Cherri

My passion is offering inspiring, simple and practical tools helping others reframe their lives, passion and health, to see and experience the wonder of Life in all places. From serial entrepreneur to therapist to author and teacher, I feel strongly about the importance of the power we all have to heal self and others, the incredible value of doing more of what you love, the value of community on a healing/spirited journey, and the power of clear, uncompromising joy that lies in the perception of truth.

I strive to help people live full, thriving lives connected to spirit and where action is our way of healing and being healed. I love clouds, forests, and roaring laughter. I believe in the kindness of stillness and the gifts of honoring our darkness. I am convinced of the deep wisdom each of us holds within. I know we all can dream the world into being. I aspire for us all to remember our sacred connection with earth, life and it’s diversity, to embody a new way of being in the world, compassionate to our body, mind and heart.

As for the pedigree, I’m 57, a father of two and I have a long-standing clinical experience in natural health practice, as a Craniosacral Therapist and teacher, a Yoga and meditation teacher and have ventured in many other fields of consciousness and spiritual explorations. Today, I run world-wide Journeys for Spirited Adventurers. 

People of all paths are my tribe. They look for meaning, purpose and the tools to change and thrive to, in turn, serve their own community. They live, they love, they matter. Join us below.

Connect with me
I’ve never tried meditation before. Is this for me?

Yes! The course was made with the beginner and intermediate meditator in mind and those looking to pick up extra tips to improve their meditation skill.

There are many step-by-step videos that are perfect for anyone just getting started.

I’m an experienced meditator. Would I still benefit?
Yes! I have designed this course so that any traditional meditation practice is deeply enhanced by the MindLeastness process.
I’ve packed this course full of content from my personal experiences that I hope you’ll find useful
How long does it take to learn?
It takes 30 minutes to get the gist of it and around 2-3 hours to master it. It can be applied and tested immediately and the results can be felt instantly. The long-term benefits compare with as well as enhance most other practices.
Is there any side effect?
Nope! Most of the known side effects of traditional meditation are due to the use of the mind. MindLeastness™ tones down the mind, it’s a hallmark of the practice.
What should I expect?
Due to it’s simplicity MindLeastness takes you in seconds to a still and peaceful state where non-interfering, non judgment and non-manipulation are the hallmark of the practice.
How long can I access the course for?
Forever! As long as exists, this course will be available to watch. Take it at whatever pace you’d like, watch whenever, wherever and as many times as you’d like.
Will I be able to access all of the videos at once?
Yep! Absolutely. Forever!

What MindLeastness Users Say

And Why it matters

MindLeastness simply changes my life, everyday. First of all, I can cope with my daily activities, kids and work a lot better. I use it in my clinic all the time and it seems to have affected every way I used to live my life. My clients and family tell me I’m a happier person. As a result, my chronic headaches are gone

Julie Barryston

Natural Health Practitioner

After 25 years of meditation practice with great and tangible benefits there was still my ‘practice time’ and my ‘life’. MindLeastness merges both. I now stop sitting on my cushion and I still feel progress everyday in my ability to calm my mind in a second and feel more relaxed. I highly recommend it.

Roger Damien

Project Manager

While researching meditation I found MindLeastness. Tangible results are there from the start. It’s a practical tool in my studies too, as my mind is clear and present. I also can clarify my feelings with ease because of it. And it’s not inspired by any religion either.

James Karipa


MindLeastness is probably my best tool to empower my clients. In addition, it’s so simple to learn, practice, then integrate in your daily dealings with everything and everybody. Love it.

Cynthia Sylvester

Life Coach and Online Marketer

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