Frédéric Cherri

Shamanic & Medical Intuitive, Coach & Retreat Leader
Helping you to move from
pain to empowerment.

Visionary Coaching

A sacred and transformational inner journey woven with deep incisive strategy, practical tools and crystal clear vision. Re-imagine your future from a place of fearless imagination and courageous love.

AREAS: Life/Soul Purpose, Vision, Vitality, Empowerment,

MEDIUM: In Person/ Online



A powerful treatment performed equally successfully either onsite or remotely from a distance, to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body, emotional, mental and spiritual health and performance. 

AREAS: Generic health, Immune, Trauma, Paediatrics, Perinatal

MEDIUM: In Person/Remote


“Frédéric is a rare blend of clinician, visionary and shamanic scholar with the ability to articulate the intangible for our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”


Visionary Coaching

A rare opportunity for profound changes

What stops you from claiming a vibrant, abundant and joyful existence? Where are you resisting the core yearnings of your life? What do you need to release in order to fully claim your presence, share your gifts generously and show up in your world with courage, clarity and confidence?

An Invitation

A Visionary Coaching session is an invitation to live from this place of authentic presence and fierce commitment. In this session, I will invite you to have the courage to ask the deeper questions, to no longer apologise for who you are or for what you seek, to no longer be willing to simply fix the past or even improve upon it, but rather to re-imagine your future from a place of fearless imagination and courageous love.

A Sacred Inner Journey

This is ultimately a sacred and transformational inner journey woven with deep incisive strategy, practical tools and crystal clear vision. I have designed these sessions as a practical way to support people going through a time of profound transition in their lives, whether it is because of personal challenges (divorce, health, career change) or because they feel adrift, purposeless and stuck in an old story.

My Personal Take

I believe that everyone is an extraordinary being with an incredible contribution to make. My coaching always comes from that place to help you step graciously into the next levels of you and your work in the world. I love working with anyone who feels called to play a part in the greater game that’s unfolding right now in our world; people who want to make a difference and contribute towards a greater world.

What to Expect

* Identify and unleash your purpose, genius, passion & vision.
* Create the vitality & drive to move things forward.
* Identify the right next steps to make it all real.
* Energise your work in the world to get it out there.
* Feel fulfilled and energised as you bring your unique contributions to others and the world.


FEES: Up to 90 mins $300USD
MEDIUM: In Person/ Online

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Visionary Coaching Testimonials
“ Frédéric distills extraordinary insights into how our commitment to our most authentic vision and values positively transforms our financial realities. I have never encountered anyone who weaves the practical and spiritual worlds together in such a revolutionary way!
Frank P. Sydney.


Frédéric’s Visionary Coaching sessions have changed my life. It has opened me up in ways I could not imagine. I am now less anxious about my life, more willing to participate on my purposeful journey and now thriving in so many ways. I know that without Frédéric I would not be doing so. He taught me to be a warrior, to choose creativity as often as productivity and to trust that I was enough for the dreams that call me. Past resistances and beliefs melted away as I began to explore my new story. I am forever grateful. If you want to open yourself up to life and find your inner warrior, I highly recommend Frédéric.
Melissa W. South Africa

Global Activist

At a crossroads in my life and career, I turned to Frédéric for coaching. I did not anticipate the depth and richness of the journey or the profound impact it would have on me. I have come away with a strong sense of inner purpose and a joyful vision for my future life and work. I am most grateful to have connected with this wise man.
Heather C, Paris


For anyone experiencing a transition in life – or just confused about one’s identity, Frédéric is the key to unlocking it. I initially did five amazing sessions with Frédéric as part of his Path of the Dragon Visionary Coaching Program. I was coming out of a twenty-two year marriage and felt quite wounded. Frédéric helped me re-frame my experience into one that allowed me to meet up with my “future self” as well as purging myself in this period of stress and pain. Through his skillful approach, Frédéric has led me onto an empowered sense of my new self – one that involves dignity, grace and love for the path I will now tread. I look forward to my next sessions with this gifted visionary coach.
Sharon P, New Zealand



Shamanic/Craniosacral Treatment

Moving from pain to empowerment

Shamanic Craniosacral Treatment is a gentle and powerful approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body, emotional, mental and spiritual health and performance. It is offered either onsite or energetically online. 
A Shamanic Craniosacral  treatment is also particularly suitable if you wish to make fundamental changes and seek to heal and deepen your relationship with yourself and the healing of your soul.

**This treatment can also be provided online, remotely. Frédéric has worked remotely for over a decade with patients all over the world. Shamanic/Craniosacral Treatment is easily applicable to the context of remote healing and with similar if not better results than in-person treatments. Details on application.


How does it work?

A treatment with Frédéric works towards the realignment of the interdependent relationships between physical and subtle energy bodies, to determine places of compression, restriction, trauma and dysfunction and life aspects of lack, un-serving belief systems or restrictive mental patterns, and to alleviate them by gentle yet powerful processes. This work is guided by the spirit helpers of the practitioner and explored through the craniosacral system and it’s relationship with the subtle energy bodies. It supports the re-integration of all parts into the global energetics of the person and their reorganisation around a present and stable centre. The common results are radical improvements and changes at all levels of wellness and life dynamics of a person.

What to expect? What does it treat?

Frédéric’s treatments can be used for people of all ages. It may be part of your treatment for conditions like:
* migraines and headaches
* constipation
* irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
* disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia
* scoliosis
* sinus infections
* neck pain
* fibromyalgia
* recurrent ear infections or colic in infants
* trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash
* mood disorders like anxiety or depression
* difficult pregnancies


FEES: Up to 60 mins $150USD
MEDIUM: In Person/ Online

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Shamanic Craniosacral Testimonials

**Remote Treatment Testimonial**
I had lived with chronic debilitating numbness in both of my legs for years before I went to Frédéric. My doctors were pretty insistent that it was time for me to go in for spinal surgery, that there was nothing else to do. Because I am in my late 60’s, I was afraid that I would never fully recover from surgery and that this would be the beginning of the end for me.
Instead I talked to Frédéric, who suggested that we try some things before I scheduled surgery. I was surprised to hear he could do his treatment from a distance as I was almost completely paralysed and could not leave my house. After our first session I felt better than I had in months. Within a few weeks of starting with Frédéric I am now going to the gym every day and even playing Golf again! I still get a little occasional numbness, but it goes away quickly and just makes me pay attention to what I am doing. Frédéric helped me get my life back!

Marie F.


Having suffered from migraine headaches for most of my adult life, I looked at Frédéric’s website for a year. I was unsure of trying this, but I had reached a point where headaches were causing me to miss time from work. The change of seasons was especially difficult. I made sure I had medication with me at all times.
I decided to take a chance on craniosacral therapy. The first day I went, I was in the middle of an excruciating headache. I told Frédéric I didn’t think I could be still long enough for him to work. He asked me to let him try. I reluctantly agreed. Within 15 minutes the pain had stopped. I was in complete shock. I thought that when I got home, the pain would return but it did not.
I have not had a migraine in close to eight months. I am able to have a glass of wine again, my sleep is better and my anxiety level is much lower not having to worry about when the next attack will come. I recently realised I no longer think about having medication with me when I go out. 
I recommend Frédéric to anyone who will listen to me.
Sophia M.

San Franciso

I have known and worked with Frédéric in various capacities over the last few years. Based on a profound inquiry into his own process and path and a courageous readiness to dig deep, he brings depth of experience and integrity to his work. With feet on the ground, Frédéric embraces the spirit world with respect, love and humour.”
Francoise D.


It changed my life. Frédéric released an energy cyst from my chest that was there since I was 8 years only & had lost my dog (she died) – since having it released my heart palpations (that began when I was 13 y.o.) have subsided and I can breathe much better.
Henri S.


Frédéric has worked with me for 2 years supporting me in my inner development journey. He offers a unique combination of shamanic healing and craniosacral therapy. His insight into the spiritual world helps the craniosacral healing of my body. This combination helps to get to the cause of a body pain. He gives space to the process of healing. I have gained and increased my awareness of my body and my ability to connect to the spiritual world. This had a positive impact on my private and professional life and I am able to live my full potential. In his shamanic workshops I have gained strength and understanding for myself and others and the connection between the human & spiritual dimensions. I highly can recommend Frédéric.
Daniel B.


About Frédéric

Frédéric is a multi-skilled visionary, shamanic and medical intuitive as well as energy therapist with a long standing clinical background in Craniosacral Therapy and shamanism. He helps you move from pain to empowerment, vitality and clarity by revealing and resolving the hidden limitations to a full and vibrant life.

He uses altered states and shamanic vision to establish which aspect needs to realign and return to the blueprint of health. Frédéric’s approach integrates the tangible details of a person—physical, functional, lifestyle immune, trauma, and nervous system — with the intangible dynamics of life — energetics, spiritual, emotional, aspiration and purpose, — so that life flows again, the way it was supposed to.

He personalises his treatments to meet you exactly where you are at. He gently supports transformation and healing adapted to your physical and emotional capacity to accompany you on the inner journey of growth and evolution.

He will also share with you the necessary tools to break free from limiting beliefs or energetic patterns limiting transformation on your path.

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